Hula Hoop Workshop- Educator: Marko Kalc

Hula Hoop Workshop

Educator: Marko Kalc

The hula hoop is a well-known toy that is spun around the waist, neck, arms or legs, while it is also equally good at spinning around by itself in the air!

Hula hoop dancing is an activity that improves motor skills, strengthens the muscles of the upper body and burns calories fast, thus providing both a means of efficient weight loss and a source of fun and delight. One hour of intense hula hoop spinning can burn 400 calories, the same amount burned on a treadmill.

This ten-hour workshop will teach participants how to spin and control a hula hoop and how to move with it through space by using various tricks and techniques. They will also strengthen the muscles of their upper body and spine, and improve their posture, balance and motion - all this with only the help of a simple hula hoop!

Hula hooping will bring a smile to the faces of both the young and the old, making participants more nimble, improving their stamina and charging them with energy!  



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